Tejus Technocrats believes in true partnership between client and the consultant, so that solutions are identified and delivered withconsulting an equal understanding of risks and benefits.
Providing the best consultants

Extensive Network
Our executives have established many solid relationships with Information Technology Professionals and clients throughout India. These relationships, as well as our sophisticated direct recruiting, networking methods and proprietary databases allow us to target the specific talent our clients seek and the opportunities our consultants desire.

Selection Process
Job orders and candidates are reviewed then technical and interpersonal skills are evaluated to ensure an appropriate fit. Once a match is made, thorough and meaningful reference checks are conducted to verify a candidate's past performance, effectiveness, production, successes and track record. In addition the reference checks, we conduct on-line tests of our consultants to ensure that they are in tune with the latest in the industry.

Approval Process
Upon selection and approval of both clients and candidates, Criminal and Federal Criminal background checks, as well as confirmation of eligibility to work in anywhere are performed.

Continuous Relationship
Our growth and success are direct results of understanding our client's needs and our partnership with them to deliver top-quality people with proven abilities. To ensure this partnership, every client account is assigned a single point of contact or account representative.

Tejus Technocrats is a professionally managed premier placement consultancy that offers customized staffing solutions. Tejus Technocrats was conceived with the objective of providing top-notch personnel for the IT industries. With years of experience, the company is fully competent to handle the sourcing, screening and evaluation of candidates. By working closely with the internal HR function of leading organizations and developing a keen understanding of roles and responsibilities, Tejus Technocrats is able to accurately match candidate profiles to client requirements.

The company's aim is to offer quality human resource services to corporate and help candidates find the right job profile to suit their skills and qualifications.
Ensure to clients satisfaction, without compromise

An in depth understanding of our clients' business needs and proposing technological solutions enabling tem to meet specific objectives: therein lays the strength of Tejus Technocrats team.

Our project management principles are geared to achieving this level of satisfaction. They are
Understanding the clients business needs
Having in -depth capability with the products or systems we propose
Carrying regular projects reviews
Continuously monitoring to manage clients expectations
Motivating our associates.

Hire and develop the best people

Our employees' outstanding abilities and attention to quality have allowed us to foster the healthy and trustworthy relationships we now enjoy with our clients. We pay careful attention to recruitment and handpick each one of our employees. We integrate into our teams, those with outstanding aptitudes, but more importantly, those with desired attitude. An attitude nurtures trust and respect.
In short, we search for people who share values and our culture and with whom our clients will appreciate working.
Tejus Technocrats provides world-class practice based consulting to customers in India to help to achieve and exceed their business goals. Let us help you succeed.
Tejus Technocrats IT team matches companies with the most qualified IT staff. Our expert recruiters carefully screen talent to find candidates that match your business and technical needs, and your company culture.
Tejus Technocrats offers a wide-range of Technology Consulting services.
Our screening methods:

• Conducting Online technical test evaluation using ReviewNet.Net (Online Portal for Technical Evaluation)
• Phone evaluations and code reviews
• Unique testing and evaluation criteria for each skill
• Background check about prior experiences and educational qualification

First, we listen...

In order to find the correct candidates in a timely manner, it is critical that we fully understand our clients' individual needs. We probe to collect the data needed to refine our search and save time for the managers in the screening process.

Next, we search...

Tejus Technocrats uses various web sites and technical affiliations to source our candidates. We utilize Bullhorn to compile a comprehensive database of active and passive candidates that can be retrieved at the click of a mouse.

Ultimately, we find...

Once we find a potential fit for the position, we act as agents for the company that we are conducting the search for. We take the time to get to know the candidates through our screening process and provide them with as much information as possible so that they feel comfortable with the decision to send their resume.
At Tejus Technocrats, customer success is our top priority and our consulting organization plays a central role in helping our customers achieve that success.

If you are looking for a consultancy that listens to you, understands the market conditions in which you operate and knows the limitations that these factors impose upon you, then contact us.